100% natural, hand knitted blankets and accessories
ready to caress you,
ready to give you perfect moments of relaxation

We now that when you’re tired and cold, at the end of a hard working, busy day you want to relax and let down. In order to do that, you need to cozy up in a soft blanket.

The problem is almost all the blankets you can find are made of (contain) synthetic materials and they are giving you an unpleasant damp, cold sensation, which makes you feel out of sorts.

It’s a shame to spoil your precious, scarce resting time.

Avoid feeling stressed and out of sorts by failing to relax properly
Be kind with your skin and be kind with nature, use sustainable materials
Recharge your batteries and feel in great shape, calm and strong and content.

We understand how hard it is to fully relax and feel good in polyester, which is why we spent years hand-crafting 100% natural plaids, soft and warm, ready to caress you.

We don’t just care about nature.
We care about you!

✓ Hundreds of kilos of Romanian wool saved from wastage
✓ Thousands of blankets and accessories knitted by skillful and gifted hands, to last for a lifetime
✓ More than 1000 happy clients

We love to see our clients happy

Alina Lungu

The blanket from Corinne Atelier became the moment of pampering for me and my son, when he sleeps in my arms. We use it daily, and the fact that it is natural is very important, it gives you thermal comfort, but without overheating, as it happens with synthetic materials. It is even more special because it is a handmade blanket, it creates the feeling of “home”, which for me means comfort, warmth, love.

Adela Boghiță

I love these blankets because they are beautiful and special, and make me feel good. I use them on a daily basis, I keep one close at hand in every room. They are natural, healthy for body and soul, and good for cuddling. I recommend them to anyone who wants to feel very good at home.

Diana Grăjdan

I have known Corine for many years, and I am truly amazed every time I see her creations. I know that she puts her soul into them, as if she is making all of them for herself, so when I have the opportunity to make a gift for a loved one, I immediately think of a soft, fluffy blanket from Corine. Obviously I have two warm and fluffy blankets at home now, and I really feel that they are made especially for me.

Constatin Tudor

I really like that they are made of Romanian wool. I wanted a blanket for the office armchair, where I use to read every morning. The fact that it is hand-knitted makes it special, I know it is a unique plaid, really mine, it represents me in a way. I cherish my coffee moment in the armchair.

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Choose to feel perfect!

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