Corinne Atelier - comfort and joy -

Corinne Atelier – comfort and joy

My name is Corina Teoharie and I founded this small knitting workshop.

I have a passion for knitted textures, soft and warm materials, so the idea to create knitted blankets came naturally. I think that nothing compares to the comfort and relaxation that a beautiful, fluffy and warm blanket brings to us, when we lie on the couch, with a good book and a cup of tea.

Handmade products are unique and special. They are knitted carefully, leisurely, with love (if you do not like it, don’t have a natural inclination, you can’t knit) and this is felt in the finished product. Our hand-knitted blankets are attachment objects, they are addictive.

Some of them are made of Romanian wool from Bucegi Mountains, traditionally torn and spun, and this gives them authenticity and originality.

We use only 100% natural fibers because they are much more gentle on the skin and do not cause allergies. They are gentle on the skin, but also with nature.

We know that when you are tired and cold, at the end of a long and demanding day, you want to relax and enjoy comfort and peace. And for that, you definitely need a natural, soft and warm blanket.

The problem is that almost all available blankets also contain synthetic fibers, in smaller or larger proportions. And these synthetic fibers are giving you an unpleasant damp, cold sensation, which makes you feel out of sorts. 

We all deserve a bit of sound repose, to be able to recover, to be healthy, happy and fit, to feel protected and safe.

We know how difficult it is to completely relax when you are wrapped in polyester, which is why we spent years hand-crafting 100% natural plaids, soft and warm, ready to caress you.

More than 1000 people, our customers, already know this and let themselves be comforted and warmed by our 100% natural and resistant blankets.

In addition to throw blankets, we also knit blankets for children and babies, because they tend to attach to such things. A baby can feel safe and comfortable in the shelter of a fluffy blanket, and parents will surely know that he is protected if the blanket is produced from natural fibers and not from various mixtures or entirely from synthetic fibers.

I do a lot of tests, Corinne Atelier products are what I would like to wear or have at home.

We manage to make valuable, authentic products, which I am very excited about and which can bring joy to others as well, and this gives me the courage to bring them out into the world. 🙂

Corinne Atelier – comfort and joy