Buying a natural blanket is expensive

Though is an investment up front, you’ll end up saving money because these blankets are made to last for a lifetime. They are hand crafted with love and care using sustainable materials. Wool blankets are among the most durable and desirable of all. They’re soft, warm and very difficult to stain or damage.

I can only use wool blankets in the cold season

Wool is often used to warm and insulate, especially when shivering during the winter months. However, a wool blanket will also adapt as the temperature changes. The breathability of wool and its moisture-wicking properties will draw perspiration away and promote a comfortable, dry temperature. Our wool blankets are smooth, lightweight and a good option for year-round comfort.

They are difficult to wash

Even a heavily soiled wool blanket can be easily cleaned with a brush, so washing should be done only a couple of times annually. Never use harsh chemicals on wool blankets, as this will cause the wool to degrade. Look below to learn how to clean wool blankets. Cleaning wool blankets