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Terms and conditions

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Terms and Conditions

These general conditions govern access to the e-commerce check-out of the www.corinneatelier.ro/en/  website (hereinafter “the Site”) and the use of the services and contents available on the Site (including, by way of example only: images, software, texts, trade marks and logos, colour combinations, structures and designs). 

Anyone who accesses and/or uses the Site becomes a “User” and thereby accepts, as from the time of the first access or use, these conditions, which apply independently of the General Conditions of Sale governing any purchases of products listed in the online catalogue of the Site. 

Failure to accept these Conditions precludes all further access to or use of the contents or services available on the Site. 

The Conditions in force were last updated on 30.11.2019.

Access to www.corinneatelier.ro/en/ site is open and free of charge.

All browsing of the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site is subject to acceptance by the person accessing it of the conditions hereinafter set out; if that person does not accept these conditions, he is requested not to use the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site and not to download any material therefrom. Browsing on the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site is completely free of charge, access to the portal is open to anyone and registration on the Site is optional. The www.corinneatelier.ro/en/ site is managed by S.C. Corinne Atelier S.R.L. registered office at Garoafelor Str. 10, 70000, Buftea, Ilfov County, Romania, Order no. with the Trade Register J23/493/08th of February 2016. 

The User confirms that he accepts the Site “as is”. Corinne Atelier SRL is not liable for any losses, whether direct or indirect, that may arise from use of the Site. The Site and its contents may be altered or replaced without prior notice.

The contents of all pages on the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site are protected by copyright, belonging to Corinne Atelier SRL. All rights are reserved and the content is accordingly protected and safeguarded by national and international law.

The ‘Corinne Atelier’ brand name, all trade marks whether representational or otherwise, and more generally all marks, illustrations, images and logos on ‘Corinne Atelier’ products or any accessories or packaging of such products, whether registered or not, are and remain the sole property of Corinne Atelier SRL.

Reproduction, whether in whole or in part, alteration or use of these marks, illustrations, images and logos, for whatever reason and using whatever equipment, without the prior express agreement of Corinne Atelier SRL, is absolutely prohibited. It is further prohibited to combine these marks with other marks, symbols, logos or in general distinctive signs of any kind in such a way as to constitute a composite logo.

It is further absolutely prohibited to reproduce, in whole or in part, alter or use any designs, models and patents which are the sole property of Corinne Atelier SRL.

Any information and/or request may be sent to: [email protected]

In no circumstances is Corinne Atelier SRL liable for any loss, whether direct or indirect, arising from use of the information contained on the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site. Information on that Site may be technically incorrect or contain typographical errors. Information contained on the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site may be altered or updated at any time without prior notice. Particular sections of the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site may be improved, altered or removed at any time without prior notice.

Furthermore, Corinne Atelier SRL accepts no liability for any use that may be made of the material contained on the Site: Users are solely and fully responsible for any losses that may arise from the use of the Site or other connected sites, and hold Corinne Atelier SRL harmless for any losses whether direct or indirect.

Corinne Atelier SRL accepts no liability for any difficulties in accessing the site or for any break in the connection, and cannot be held liable for any damage, including infection by computer viruses, which the equipment of visitors to the Site may suffer by reason of access to or connection with the Site or the downloading of its content.

By browsing on the Site the User expressly accepts the above conditions.



All data sent by the User in the course of accessing or using the Site shall be processed in accordance with the rules of “Protection of Online Privacy”, which may be viewed on the Privacy Policy page, and the User hereby accepts and adopts those rules.



The User undertakes not to transmit, distribute, send, communicate or record information or other material:

  • which is protected by copyright or discloses trade secrets;
  • which is obscene, defamatory, threatening, unpleasant, offensive, scandalous or sexually explicit;
  • unsolicited messages, advertisements, invitations to purchase, surveys or chain letters;
  • which contain viruses, Trojans, worms, time bombs or other components calculated to damage, intercept or make improper use of the data, information, hardware or software of Corinne Atelier SRL, connected bodies or third parties.

The User further promises not to:

  • register as a customer supplying intentionally false or incomplete information;
  • allow others to use his user name or password, once these are registered;
  • remove or alter material or other information of other users or of Corinne Atelier SRL;
  • collect or otherwise obtain information about third parties, including email addresses, without the express consent of the owner;
  • access data on the Site which is protected or which he is not authorised to view or do anything to harm the system or security arrangements of the Site;
  • act in such a way as to bring about an unreasonable or disproportionate overload of the hardware or software of the Site, for example by “flooding”, “spamming”, “mailbombing” or “crashing”;
  • use appliances, software programs or other devices for the purpose of compromising or attempting to compromise the normal working of the Site or attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble or decode the software forming part of the Site;
  • use or attempt to use engines, software programs, instruments, agents or other mechanisms (such as spiders, bots etc.) allowing browsing or searching of the contents of the Site other than by means of the search engines provided by that Site.

Any conduct which is unlawful or in breach of the above provisions shall be prosecuted in accordance with law in the appropriate courts.



All copyrights relating to the contents of the Site (including but not limited to text, graphics, photographs, images, user interface) as well as the selection, coordination and organization of these materials are owned by Corinne Atelier SRL, connected bodies or any third party licensees. No statement which may be contained on the Site has the effect of conferring a license or industrial property rights over any copyright belonging to Corinne Atelier SRL or third parties.

The contents of the Site are solely for the use of Users and Customers of the Site; unauthorized commercial use of those contents is prohibited.

The User may freely view the contents of the Site, print them, copy them or save them on the hard drive of his computer or other hardware device, on his own responsibility and solely for his personal and private use, subject to the legislation in force on the protection of copyright.

All rights in relation to the trade marks, product names, trade names, logos, packaging and design of any products or services of Corinne Atelier SRL, connected bodies or third parties, whether in the form of text or of symbols or brands, belong solely to the legal owners of those rights, in accordance with the relevant international agreements and legislation in force. Any use that may infringe any such rights is expressly prohibited.



The Site may contain hypertext links to other websites. Corinne Atelier SRL accepts no liability for any content or services offered by third parties, and do not guarantee the technical availability, reliability or legality of any material or information contained on connected internet sites.

Similarly, any link that may be included does not imply any kind of association, amalgamation or participation between Corinne Atelier SRL on the one hand and the owners or contents of the linked websites on the other.



A “cookie” (that is to say, a small data file which some Internet sites, when visited, may send to the address of the visitor) may be used by the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site for the purpose of tracking the path of a visitor to that site. If a visitor to the ‘www.corinneatelier.ro/en/’ site prefers not to receive cookies, he may program his browser to inform him of the presence of cookies, thus allowing the visitor to decide whether or not to accept them. It is even possible to refuse all cookies automatically by activating the appropriate option in the browser.



Corinne Atelier SRL reserve the right to change these general conditions of access and use without prior notice. Any such changes shall have immediate effect when first published on the site, and shall remain in force until any further changes.



All relations between Corinne Atelier SRL and the User are governed by Romanian law.


Conditions of sale

The products displayed on the Corinne Atelier SRL website (hereinafter “the products” or “the Corinne Atelier products”) are offered for sale by S.C. Corinne Atelier S.R.L.  registered office at Buftea City, Garoafelor Str. No 10, 70000, Ilfov County, Romania, email address [email protected].



These general conditions of sale govern the terms of every contract of sale relating to a purchase made using the www.corinneatelier.ro/en/  e-commerce site (hereinafter “the Site”). The Site is owned by S.C. Corinne Atelier S.R.L., Buftea City, Garoafelor Str. No 10, 70000, Ilfov County, Romania. 

Any purchase made through the Site shall take the form of a contract between Corinne Atelier SRL (hereinafter “the Seller”) as seller and the purchaser in question (hereinafter “the Purchaser”), that is to say the person or body proposing to purchase one or more products through the Site, and no other person shall be party to that contract. (The Seller and the Purchaser are hereinafter together referred to as “the Parties”.)

Any notice by the Purchaser in relation to the contract of sale, including information, complaints and requests concerning the purchase and delivery of products, the cancellation of orders etc., must be sent exclusively to the Seller using the contact details published on the Site, in particular to the email address [email protected]


Every purchase is subject to the general conditions of sale as displayed on the Site at the time when the contract becomes binding in accordance with article 2 below of this contract.

The Site is intended for the sole use of consumers, that is to say that it is reserved for retail sales. The right to purchase products on the Site is accordingly confined to “consumers” as defined in the legislation in force, namely “any individual acting for purposes unconnected to any business, commercial, craft or professional activity which he may carry on”. Should the Purchaser not be a “consumer” he is requested to refrain from placing orders with the Seller.

The Purchaser accepts that the confirmation of information concerning the order placed by him and the general conditions of sale contained in this contract may be sent to him by email at the address provided by the Purchaser to the Seller in the course of registration on the Site.

This contract is only valid if the Purchaser has attained the age of majority (18 years) and has contractual capacity; the Purchaser confirms that this is the case.

The Purchaser shall bear any costs necessary for connecting to the Site by the Internet (including any telephone charges) in accordance with the scale of charges applied by the service provider chosen by the Purchaser.



The confirmation and sending of an order by the Customer (“Customer” here means any user of the www.corinneatelier.ro/en/ website who accesses the e-commerce check-out), in accordance with the instructions appearing from time to time on the web pages, shall be taken as meaning that the Customer has seen and fully accepts the general conditions of sale. The contract of sale between Corinne Atelier SRL and the Customer shall become binding as soon as the order is accepted by Corinne Atelier SRL.

Once the online purchase procedure has been completed, the Customer shall arrange to print or save an electronic copy of, and in any event to retain, these general conditions of sale, in accordance with the provisions concerning distance sales of Legislative Decree no. 449/2003 from 12 of December 2013. 

The Customer warrants that he is purchasing the Products for his personal use and not for the purpose of trading in them; in particular the Customer undertakes not to offer the Products for sale or display or sell or otherwise market the Products on websites or by means of so-called e-commerce.

The Customer shall in no circumstances be entitled to damages or compensation in respect of any loss or liability, whether under a contract or otherwise, arising out of the non-acceptance of an order, in whole or in part.



The Customer may only purchase products shown in the online catalogue at the time the order is placed and displayed online at the www.corinneatelier.ro/en/ web address, as described on the relevant web pages. The order shall be treated as validly processed as soon as a notice is received in the Customer’s electronic inbox confirming authorization of payment of the purchase price and transport and delivery costs by the Customer’s credit card, as more particularly provided in article 5 below.

The image shown on the web page relating to a product may not be an exact representation of its specifications but may differ in color, in size, and in the accessories shown in the picture. Any supporting information for purchasers (glossary, purchasers’ guide etc.) is understood to be given only by way of general guidance, and does not relate to the actual specifications of any individual product.

Due receipt of an order shall be confirmed by Corinne Atelier SRL by means of an email response, sent to the email address supplied by the Customer. This confirmation message shall specify the date and time the order was received and a customer order number to be used in all future correspondence with Corinne Atelier SRL. The message must set out all data input by the Customer, all information concerning the basic specifications of the goods sold, the price shown, payment methods, means and cost of delivery and tax payable. The Customer must check the accuracy of this information and give timely notice of any corrections, in accordance with the procedures set out in this document.

If an order is declined, Corinne Atelier SRL shall give timely notice of this to the Customer.



The products are sold at the prices shown in the online product list at the time that the Customer confirms the order. Before the Customer confirms the order by clicking on the appropriate button, a web page will appear listing the prices of the items in the basket, the taxes and delivery charges. This data will then be automatically reproduced on the order form which the Customer sends to Corinne Atelier SRL following confirmation of the order.



For every order accepted and fulfilled, Corinne Atelier shall issue a VAT receipt (or invoice, if the Customer is not a consumer and has supplied his own VAT number in the order) in respect of the items dispatched, and send it by email or delivered all-together with the ordered products to the person who has placed the order. 

For the purpose of issuing the VAT receipt (and/or invoice) Corinne Atelier SRL is entitled to rely on the information supplied by the Customer while placing the order. No variation of the receipt or invoice may be made after it has been issued.

Corinne Atelier SRL makes use of specialist transport companies to dispatch and deliver the goods.

As soon as the package has been taken out of our warehouses by the transport company, an email confirming dispatch shall be sent to the Customer.

To ascertain the cost and time of delivery, please press the “click here” button in the appropriate place on the order page. In calculating delivery dates, it is necessary to exclude non-working days (Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and the day before a public holiday).

If at the planned time of delivery the addressee is not at the address given, the transport company will contact him to arrange delivery. In addition, you may contact customer support at [email protected] to obtain information about any package that has not been delivered within the arranged time, giving the order number, name, address and town of delivery. You should also contact customer support at [email protected] if the goods cannot be delivered because the addressee cannot be found. If you do not do this, you should appreciate that, should it continue to be impossible to find the addressee or should there be repeated unsuccessful attempts at delivery, additional charges may apply.

Upon delivery of the goods by the carrier, you must check that the packaging is complete and undamaged. Any damage found must immediately be reported to the carrier making the delivery, and the Customer may refuse to accept the delivery, giving the reason. The Customer must then contact Corinne Atelier SRL  at [email protected] and give the reasons for refusing delivery.

If the packaging has been damaged in the course of transport but delivery has nevertheless been accepted, Corinne Atelier SRL accepts no liability for losses subsequently claimed by the Customer, given that delivery of the order was accepted in full.

The delivery times shown on the Site are given by way of indication only. No compensation may be claimed from Corinne Atelier SRL for any loss arising from delay or from the interruption or suspension of deliveries in whole or part not attributable to any act or omission of Corinne Atelier SRL. The same rule applies in the event of delays, interruptions or suspensions arising from causes such as work stoppages, industrial action, delays by suppliers, power cuts, suspension of transport etc.

All delivery costs are chargeable to the Customer and are clearly shown in the course of the order being placed.



The Customer may pay by credit card or bank transfer. When the order is placed by the Customer, the bank in question will authorise the payment of the order price through the Customer’s credit card. If the Customer decides to return the goods in accordance with Article 6 below, Corinne Atelier SRL shall refund the amount previously debited (excluding any additional costs arising from the Customer’s choice of a method of delivery other than the cheapest standard method offered by us).

At no point during the purchase process will Corinne Atelier SRL be in a position to know the Customer’s credit card details, as these are sent by a protected connection directly to the bank concerned, and no electronic databank of Corinne Atelier SRL  will store any such data.



In accordance with article 1, item 9 from the Government Ordnance no 34 from 12th of June 2014 if the Customer is a consumer (that is, an individual acting for purposes unconnected to any business, commercial, craft or professional activity which he may carry on) he has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to give an explanation and without any penalty, within 14 days of receiving the purchased product. Nonetheless we don’t impose a return time limit.

To exercise this right, the Customer must send Corinne Atelier SRL explicit written notice to this effect by email to [email protected]

On receiving this withdrawal notice, the customer service department of Corinne Atelier SRL will promptly give the Customer instructions on how to return the goods. The consumer must then return the Product(s) or deliver them to the seller or a third party authorized by the seller to receive them, without undue delay and in any case within 14 days of the date on which he notified the Seller of his wish to withdraw from the contract.

The direct costs of delivery connected with the return of the Product shall be borne by Corinne Atelier.

The purchased Product must be returned in full and in its original state, with all accessories and any spare parts.

The Customer may handle the Product to verify its nature, specifications and working, but is liable for any loss in value of the Product arising from any handling other than that necessary for this purpose.

If the Customer withdraws from this contract, he shall be reimbursed for all payments made to the Seller, including delivery costs (excluding any additional costs arising from the Customer’s choice of a method of delivery other than the cheapest standard method offered by us). This payment shall be made as soon as the Product is redelivered, or as soon as the Customer has provided proof of re-dispatch of the Product, whichever happens first. Any such reimbursement shall be made by the same means of payment as was used for the original transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Customer; in any event the Customer must not incur any cost as a result of this reimbursement.



The Purchaser confirms that he is aware that all content on the Site is protected by copyright and by all other provisions in force concerning intellectual property: all such rights are the exclusive property of Corinne Atelier SRL.

The contents of the Site may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, transferred by either electronic or conventional means, altered or used for any purpose without the prior written consent of Corinne Atelier SRL.



You are hereby informed that, in accordance with Art. No. 13 EU Reg. 2016/679 (“General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”), personal data supplied by the Customer to Corinne Atelier SRL are processed by Corinne Atelier SRL by automated and other means and input into the customer database. This is required for the purpose of establishing contractual relations and for subsequent use for legal, tax and management purposes. This data may also be used for statistical projections and commercial and promotional communications, subject to the right of the Customer to give notice at any time that he does not wish to receive further communications of this type.

The provision of data is optional, but if it is not provided it will be impossible to enter into a contract of sale and, therefore, to accept the order.

The Customer’s data may be forwarded, for the same purposes as those for which it was collected, to trading partners and to persons and bodies to whom the provision of services is outsourced. The data owner is Corinne Atelier SRL. 

You are further informed that, in accordance with the provisions of  Art. No. 13 EU Reg. 2016/679 (“General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”), the Customer has the right, among others, to obtain:

  • confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning him;
  • the deletion, anonymizing or blocking of any unlawfully processed data;
  • the updating, correction or revision of that data.

The Customer may exercise the rights referred to in article 13 by writing to: [email protected].



This contract is governed by, and shall be interpreted in accordance with Romanian law and does not incorporate the rules provided by the United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods.

All disputes, whether of a civil or criminal nature, arising from this Contract, shall be determined by the Romanian Low.